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Carolyn Capalbo is a real estate agent serving the Northern Virginia market....and this is her story:

On this site, we are going to attempt to set the record straight on which Carolyn Capalbo truly deserves to be known for their accomplishments.

And some of you may simply be wondering...
"Whats the deal with the beach photo?"

Read on, and we'll tell you:

Carolyn CapalboThis story begins with our Carolyn Capalbo working to become a pillar of the real estate industry. Through hard work, grit, and determination, Carolyn has positioned herself as one of the best real estate agents in Northern Virginia. As part of the fruits of her effort, she also enjoyed an excellent reputation both within her community, and online as well. And literally overnight, her efforts were undermined.

The reason why we began with a beach photo at the top is because until recently, if you searched on Google for "Carolyn Capalbo", you most likely would have come across numerous bikini clad photos of Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the well known "escort" that had an affair with New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. A different "Carolyn Capalbo" happens to be her mother. Obviously, the Realtor Carolyn Capalbo is not pleased to share the same name.

Carolyn Capalbo

The problem with being "famous"...

Since the time that the story about the Governor's affair first broke, our Carolyn Capalbo has been inundated with numerous inquiries from reporters wanting to know what "the mother of Ashley Dupre" thought about her daughter & other various topics. This has resulted in making our Carolyn Capalbo's job of taking care of her real estate clients - an even more daunting task with the nearly constant & continuous calls & emails being sent from these reporters. It was this frustration that led our Carolyn Capalbo to write: How Many Carolyn Capalbo’s are there Anyway?

Her effort to reclaim her online reputation as THE Carolyn Capalbo has not gone unheard among her peers in the real estate industry. As such, we are collectively trying to help Carolyn regain her rightful position as a hard working & contributing member of the business community in the Google search results. Rather than allowing the sensationalized "trash" stories to gain dominance over all things - real estate agents and citizens across the world are now uniting to help restore the online reputation of a contributing member of society.

If you would like to support this effort, please post about this web site on your blog. Your support is greatly appreciated! Help Carolyn Capalbo regain her online reputation!

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Carolyn Capalbo

Carolyn Capalbo

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